1WorldSync HazMat Compliance Solution (HMC) 

Latest and available safety data sheets are essential for your company’s business. Avoid fines, compensation demands and damage to your image by conforming to the duty of supply information conformable to law. With longtime experience in trade and industry we assure ideally verified processes of hazardous materials and a smart HazMat Management.

Your advantages:

  • HazMat lists and HazMat data on call: HazMat lists with validated safety data sheets conformable to law (PDF) and extracted HazMat data via mouse-click.

  • Up-to-date and conformable to law throughout Europe: Trained expert staff uses data bases of chemical media and provides continous maintenance of safety data sheets and HazMat data together with a tight supplier bond. We provide and validate safety data sheets for 30 countries in 36 languages.​​​​​

  • GDSN-ready: Merging quality-assured HazMat data from validation with supplier data and distribution to the retailer’s GDSN choreography.

  • Perfect HMC Packages: Choose the elements you need for your HazMat Management: We support you from collection to validation to distribution of safety data sheets and HazMat data to your different business divisions and stores – with or without use of GDSN.

  • Collection and central provision of further Compliance documents (relevant for consumer goods): e.g. REACh Certificate (VO (EG) 1907/2006), RoHS Certificate (VO (EU) 65/2011), HACCP Certificates (VO (EG) 852/2004).​​​

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