The healthcare industry is evolving and the ability to control trusted quality data can be challenging.

At 1WorldSync, we enable healthcare organizations to simplify and manage the process of exchanging global commercial regulatory information.

We help you to meet industry requirements and regulatory demands and turn them into a competitive advantage:

  • Close collaboration with organizations like the European Commission, NHS and MedTech Europe
  • Many years of experience with the FDA GUDID connection
  • Chosen data pool of proven trust for pilot projects like the DoT
  • Global visibility on product content exchange projects
  • Active participation in ECHO: EU initiative to streamline GDSN implementation in Healthcare

Upcoming industry compliance deadlines:

Have you heard of MDR (Medical Device Regulation) yet?

In April 2017 the European Parliament approved the MDR regulation which is similar to US UDI regulation. More information

Have you selected your GDSN data pool yet?

In January 2017 NHS confirmed to continue with GDSN implementation plans. Since March all NHS suppliers are expected to have selected their GDSN data pool in order to deliver product content to NHS. More Information.

Are you prepared for upcoming UDI regulations?

In order to comply with US FDA UDI regulations, your product data must be stored in the Global UDI Database. More Information.


We are global. Helping more than 25.000 global brands in more than 60 countries, our Healthcare Experts understand that no matter where you conduct business, trusted content matters.


1WorldSync helped streamline our internal processes and create a single source of truth, ensuring we had the accurate and complete product information in time for the Class III UDI compliance deadline. This scalable model is currently working to prepare 8,000 products for Class II and over 10,000 products for Class I. 

- Holger Clobes, B. Braun