At 1WorldSync, we enable healthcare organizations to simplify and manage the process of exchanging global commercial regulatory information.


We help you to meet industry requirements and regulatory demands and turn them into a competitive advantage:

  • Close collaboration with organizations like the European Commission, NHS and MedTech Europe (European Association of Medical Device Manufacturers)
  • Many years of experience with the FDA GUDID connection
  • Operating the NHS data pool 
  • Global visibility on product content exchange projects e.g. AGKAMED (Germany), RESAH and GAM (France), Dutch Implant Registry, Spanish hospitals

Only being compliant with UDI regulations will enable you to stay in business (as all your competitors will do).

Therefore we offer a dedicated full-day onsite regulatory compliance workshop with the following key takeaways:

  • Obtain a profound understanding of the MDR regulation and its impact on your business: What you need to do to be compliant.
  • Get an overview of projects led by GPOs, hospitals & clinics, NHS in product content exchange leveraging GS1 standards
  • Leverage regulatory and trading partner requirements with 1WorldSync solutions and turn them into a competitive advantage
  • Improve your processes and get control of the way you exchange trusted product content with the external world
  • Receive a prioritization guideline for the implementation of the various projects taking place in Europe

Take this opportunity to create a competitive advantage by optimizing how you share your product content with regulatory bodies and trading partners! Fill out the form to request a consultation and to receive more information about the workshop.

Upcoming industry compliance deadlines:


1WorldSync helped streamline our internal processes and create a single source of truth, ensuring we had the accurate and complete product information in time for the Class III UDI compliance deadline. This scalable model is currently working to prepare 8,000 products for Class II and over 10,000 products for Class I. 

- Holger Clobes, B. Braun