Have you selected your GDSN data pool yet?

All NHS suppliers should have selected their GDSN data pool by now!

1WorldSync is the Industry Leader in Global Healthcare Compliance Solutions – including but not limited to GDSN – for NHS - Scan4Safety and beyond.

We enable healthcare manufacturers to exchange product content with the NHS Trusts, GPO‘s, distributors and regulatory bodies in the UK and across the world, using NHS requirements and GS1 standards.


NHS confirmed in their January 2017 Case Study they will continue with their Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN) roll-out now.

Download the full report to receive more information on Master Data Exchange with the NHS.










What Our Clients Think about the NHS Master Data Exchange Project

It was great to demonstrate that we only needed to supply the data one time for multiple participants that all use different local systems. Publishing the same master product data once, to several trusts ensures higher data quality through consistency. 

- B. Braun Medical Ltd